Yet another version of Private-Radar!

This new version brings a brand new module for your maintenance : the CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization) module.

It allows to manage CAMO and Maintenance work orders, Certificates of Release to Service, parts management parts order and suppliers.

This new module will be free for several months, the time to improve it, make sure it fits your needs, and all bugs have been corrected ;) Please note that at the moment, it is only available in english, but we will translate it soon.

We also made improvements in the Dashboard, Schedule, Aircraft, Flights, Users, Reports and Settings. And of course, we also fixed a few bugs and made some tweaks here and there.

As usual, we want to thank all our clients that have been involved in the design of this new version. Keep on sending us the features you need, we will develop them for you (as soon as we can ;)

View the other release notes:


CAMO, Maintenance Work Orders and CRS

The CAMO module allows you to create CAMO work orders, Maintenance work orders and Certificate of Release to Service.

The CAMO work order creates a request for the maintenance to perform some tasks. The Maintenance then fills in the tasks that have been performed, and the parts that have been installed or changed, and then issues the CRS (Certificate of Release to Service).

You can print all these document in pdf. Please contact us if you would like us to customize them for you.

Parts management

This view allows you to see your stock of parts, including the location in your store, the quantity, and you can check all the orders related to a specific part.

Parts orders

This view allows you to order parts from a provider, fill in the Serial Number you received, put the prices of the parts including discounts received and the taxes, so you can control your Maintenance costs.


You can add all your suppliers, along with their addresses and their website.

Private-Radar App

The Private-Radar App is a Progressive Web App which you install through your internet browser (Chrome for Android and Windows, Safari for iOS).

Once installed, you will have the Private-Radar icon on your device and it will open just like another app, in full screen and without any browser bar and buttons.

The Private-Radar App works offline and uses a database that allows to see the data already loaded (Schedule, Aircraft, User, Courses...).

Installation on iOS

PWAs work on iOS starting with iOS 11.3, which was issued in March 2018

To install the Private-Radar app, follow these steps:

1. Open Safari

2. Navigate to your webpage ( or your custom webpage).

3. Click on (this button is situated to the right of the address bar on iPads, and at the bottom of the page on iPhones / iPods).

4. Click on "Add to Home Page".

Installation on Android

On Android, PWAs work with Chrome 59 and above.

Installation with Chrome is very easy: Private-Radar will ask you if you want to install the app, so just say yes.



The Maintenance dashboard has been improved to show more information and make it easier to read.

You can now see the current times of the aircraft and when the next inspections are due.


You can now drag & drop by 15 min intervals (instead of 30 min previously).

The schedule now displays a sleek view of the current time as well as the sunrise and sunset time.

The classroom tooltips now display the lesson, instructor, and all the students selected.


It is now possible to see any user in the schedule. That will make the process of scheduling much easier as you can now see the availabilities of the instructors and the students side by side.

Bases: to improve the user experience, the resources (aircraft / instructors / classrooms) without a base set up will now be displayed all the time, even if a base filter is selected. We had many feedbacks asking why some resources were not showing up, the reason was because of the lack of base and a base filter active so we changed that. So: now, if you select a base filter, and a resource keeps showing up, please check its base ;)

As a reminder:


It is now possible to add a payment directly from the Dispatch (once the flight has been invoiced).


Context menu

You can now view the comments of an evaluation directly below the grade.

We have developed an Evaluation viewer to make this process quicker: just click on View evaluation and a window will show you the evaluation without having to download the pdf.

It is now possible to invoice a flight from the context menu.

Edit flight

For gliders, it is now possible to automatically add the towing aircraft flight.



You can now specify the VAT / Tax rate.

There are also 2 new conditions to the aircraft rates:

The conditions are now displayed in the rate list, so it is easier to see how the rate is applied.


You can now add a tolerance to the items that are triggered by hours.

When the maintenance is performed within the tolerance (plus or minus the number of hours entered), the next maintenance will be scheduled as if it had been done at the exact time.

If the maintenance is performed before the time - tolerance, the next maintenance will be scheduled at time performed + hours triggered.

If the maintenance is performed after the time scheduled + tolerance (not advisable), it will still be scheduled as if it had been done at the exact time.



The agenda now displays ground exams in red.


You can now download an hours certificate that sums up all the hours done in the course. If you need to customize this report, please contact

The information displayed has been improved, with the type of lesson and the date of the flight.


You can now update the minimum amount of an account (0 by default). If you want to prevent a user from booking an aircraft or begin dispatched below that amount, go to Settings / Schedule and Settings / Dispatch.


The courses are now displayed in line for a better experience on all devices.


We changed some vocabulary to make it easier for everyone: "Missions" are now called "Flight lessons" and "Theory" are now called "Ground lessons".

Flight lessons

In the flight lessons, you can now create different types of items: Exercises (evaluated), Titles, Subtitles, and Demo.

It is now possible to reorder by drag and drop any lesson or exercise.

A flight lesson can have mixed VFR and IFR times.


It is now possible to edit the Legal Entities.


Flight hours

The report has been improved: better layout and more information (invoice numbers).

Gliders report

New report specifically to manage gliders and their towing aircraft.

Availability report

Generates an excel file with all the availabilities of the selected users between 2 dates.

Users balances

Generates an excel file with the current balance of the selected users.



This is a new module allowing to create folder and upload documents to be shared with your users. A mini Google Drive!

All subscriptions include 1GB free, taking into account the documents of all modules (including Flights, Users, Aircraft and Documents)




New rights for the Dashboard.


You can now select if the user is allowed to modify flight times when they can modify a flight.


Rights for the new CAMO module.



Preventing booking is now based on the minimum amount defined in User / Account / Settings (0 by default).


Preventing dispatch is now based on the minimum amount defined in User / Account / Settings (0 by default).


An email can be sent automatically to the instructor when a lesson has not been evaluated.

Now possible to modify the global evaluation items.


Users now can now decide whether they want to receive emails or not.


You can now backup your data automatically to a FTP server.